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This is an important academic area that is frequently renovated with latest discoveries like new vaccinations, new species, etc. Biology is really diverse offering students the opportunity to explore some theories.

  Career Outlook

Biologists are required depending on the level of specializations, who are graduated in the fields of biotechnology and health care apply scientific principles to develop products in fields like food sciences and medicine. For instance in the medicine field, graduates can work to develop new medicines, prevent the increase of diseases and supervise health campaigns. Other graduates prefer to work in the research environment at universities, governments, third-sector organizations or commercial work. Currently the liveliest fields of research are genetics and embryology.

  Coursework in Biology

The main courses taken for all biology students are:
-  Concepts of biology
-  Cell genetics
-  Organismal Biology
-  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
-  Microbiology
-  Immunology
-  Human physiology
-  Marine biology
-  Field biology
-  Plant morphology
-  Field botany
-  Animal Behavior, etc
There are also many required general courses in related disciplines like mathematics, chemistry, physics and computer science.

  Career specializations

Some of the most popular careers in biology are:
Clinical laboratory technician: In this specialty, graduates examine blood, tissue and other body substances searching signs of disease or infections. Clinical lab techs can work both in public clinics and private laboratories. Other graduates are focused on the preventive medicine researching new medicines and testing them for reactions to treatments.

Environmental Scientists: Our planet was seriously damaged and is important find ways to improve it. So, environmental scientists are required for academic institutions and government agencies to prevent pollution and enforce regulations.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Technician: Preventive health is growth in the drug industry and pharmaceutical companies require many science majors to work with them in the production of medications
  Requirements for a Successful Biology Career

If you want to make a career in biology, is important:
-  Enjoy working with numbers
-  Have good academic background in biology and chemistry
-  Be patient and persistence
-  Have strong abilities to work in team
-  Have curiosity and flexibility

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