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December 12

Business and Commerce

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This degree prepares students for leadership roles in the business world. Business and commerce regulate many aspects of our lives, so there is a wide demand for businesspeople in the fields of marketing, finance and information technology.

  Career Outlook

There are many professions for graduates in business and commerce, such as management consultant, human resource manager, accountant among others. Other students are looking for begin their own business, for this purpose a career in business and commerce is really helpful because it gives the necessary education on business training both in practical and theoretical. There are also many opportunities to apply skills in government, arts, international commerce, industry and other private organizations.

  Coursework in Business and Commerce

Some classes taken by students in Business and commerce are:
-  Finance
-  Economics
-  Business communications
-  Logistics
-  Business math
-  Marketing
-  Public relations
-  Statistics
-  Accounting
  Career specializations

Some of the most popular career specializations in business and commerce are:
Merchandise manager: Also known as buyers, merchandise managers have a strong understanding of consumer trends and business cycles. Their responsibility is to maintain an account of goods that are in stock in the warehouses.

Financial Manager: This is an important specialization because financial managers mange the financial resources of the company or organization. Many graduates are not recognized with the name of financial managers but they do the same tasks. For instance controllers, they collect information about expenditures, regarding profits to generate financial reports as well as credit and income projections.

Stockbroker: Stockbrokers are the representatives of individual investors or corporations, their main task is to sell and buy stocks and other securities. In order to be successful in this specialty is necessary to have detailed business knowledge and other interpersonal abilities. The workplace can be in the office or in the floors of stock or securities exchanges.
  Requirements for a successful Business and commerce Career

In order to be successful in the Business and Commerce Career is required:
-  Have good skills solving problems
-  Enjoy working with numbers
-  Be analytical
-  Have good communication skills
-  Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment
  Certifications for Business and Commerce graduates

Some of the most common certifications for Business and commerce graduates are:
-  Certificate in Financial Planning (CFP)
-  Registered Financial Consultant (RFC)
-  Project Manager Professional certification (PMP)
-  Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

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