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Chemistry is one of the traditional sciences taught around the world in high school, it offers one of the most exciting choices of undergraduate degrees where students can be prepared for level positions in the chemical industry.

  Career Outlook

Chemistry brings many opportunities to the graduates, occupational fields range from research to the development of products like pharmaceuticals, lubricants, adhesives, cleaners and petrochemical goods. In US there is also a growth in the biotechnology sector as well as the quality control.

Other important feature of chemistry degree is the great emphasis placed on new ides and discoveries, inventing new products which help the environment.

  Coursework in Chemistry

Some courses taken by students in Chemistry are:
-  Mathematics
-  Biology
-  Physics
-  Principles of chemistry and biochemistry
-  Analytical chemistry
-  Organic chemistry
-  Inorganic chemistry
-  Biomolecules and Catabolism
-  Biosynthesis and Physiology
-  Physical Chemistry of Molecules
  Career specializations

There are many areas of specialization within Chemistry, but the most common are:
Analytical chemistry: A graduate with specialization in analytical chemistry is able to work for environmental laboratories, Governmental agencies and labs, industrial and manufacturing firms, and Universities. The main areas of practice are the quality control, research, developed, consulting and forensics.

Biochemistry: Professionals in biochemistry usually work for biotechnology firms, food processors, pharmaceutical research firms, research laboratories, industrial firms among others. The main areas of practice are in research, quality control, medical and environmental.

Inorganic chemistry: The graduates in inorganic chemistry can work in many important organizations like Governmental agencies and labs, research laboratories, universities and colleges in fields of analysis and testing, research, quality control and consulting.

Organic chemistry: As well as Inorganic chemistry specialization, graduates can work in field of analysis and testing, research, consulting, quality control and also in development.
  Requirements for a successful Chemistry Career

In order to be successful in the Chemistry Career is necessary:
-  Have the ability to make critical observations and appropriate decisions.
-  Be careful operating scientific equipment.
-  Have the sensitivity to the health and safety of others
-  Be good explaining scientific research
-  Have the ability to organize and maintain accurate records
-  Have good communication and memorization skills

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