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December 19

Computer Science

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This degree has been increased exponentially year on year and it is clear that it will be in demands for many years to come. People who are interested in a career in computer science should look into pursuing a higher education because more employers hire people with a bachelorís degree.

  Career Outlook

In US there are many opportunities for people graduate in Computer Sciences, they develop technology plans for organizations and businesses, administer network security plans, supervise local are and wide area networks, manage computing resources and oversee hardware and software installations. Other important tasks of a professional in computer sciences is to solve problems, conduct research, create as well as innovate ways to apply computer technologies.

  Coursework in Computer Sciences

Coursework in Computer Sciences may include:
-  Software engineering
-  Systems Analysis and design
-  Internet Programming
-  Calculus
-  Database Management
-  Operating Systems
-  Principles of algorithms
-  Networking
-  Network security management
-  Management Information Systems
-  Artificial Intelligence
-  Object-Oriented Computer Programming
-  Computer Architecture
-  Digital Design
-  Computer Forensics
  Career specializations

There are many career specializations for professionals in Computer Sciences, the most common are:
Systems Analyst: Graduates with this specialty are prepared to solve problems and supply computer technologies to institutions and organizations. The role of a system analyst in the success of any organization is really important; one of their main tasks is design new systems using both hardware and software. Many systems analysts specialize in types of systems based on client needs, so they will find employment opportunities in many institutions like government agencies, private industry, computer manufactures, research organizations and universities.

Database Administrators: Nowadays there are many Internet based businesses which generate lots of information, so they have to look for efficient ways to manage and store this information. Database administrators are on charge of this task, organizing the information to be accessible easily and quickly. In order to do this, database administrators work with database management systems, after examining this systems they determine the most appropriate management method. Other important functions of database administrators are design and implement security actions to make sure data integrity with the operation systems and create backup systems to protect susceptible data.

Computer Scientists: The most important function of computer scientist is to develop and design hardware and software that allows business computers complete their tasks with efficacy. In order to do their job, computer scientists have to exercise a high level of theoretical knowledge, in research settings they work in theoretical issues including programming language design and virtual reality development.
  Requirements for a successful Computer Science Career

In order to be successful in the Computer Science Career is necessary:
-  Enjoy working with numbers, computer science is mathematical in nature
-  Have analytical skills
-  Solve problems quickly
-  Be comfortable with abstract concepts and symbols
-  Be able to pay attention to every detail on a range of problems
-  Have good interpersonal skills
-  Be able to work within a team of non-experts at times
  Certifications for Computer Science graduates

The technology advances day after day with an amazing speed, so many graduates in Computer science are looking to become certified in particular fields. Many employers consider a standard prerequisite to have a certification granted as qualification by some software firms.

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