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This is one of the most popular careers that can literally open up an entire world of opportunities. In US there are many career prospects depending on skills of graduates like analysis, project work, and practical experience. These skills are so well oriented that is not unusual to see qualified engineers at the top of important areas such as finance, banking, politics and public organizations.

  Career Outlook

Graduates in engineering can apply the principles of mathematics and science towards solving problems, so there are many fields to choose from. The most popular engineering branches are civil, computer, environmental and systems engineering. In any organization or business, engineers are involved in important aspects like developing and manufacturing a product or construction, on the other hand other graduates can apply their knowledge in healthcare, food production and other health areas.

  Majors in Engineering

In US there are many engineering majors, but the most popular are:
Aerospace Engineering: This major deal in the analysis, synthesis, and design of aeronautical and aerospace vehicles. Students can specialize in either aeronautics or aerospace, fields of study combines engineering and management methods, and many programs are concentrated on training and subsystem design.

Bioengineering: This major joins engineering with biology. Most academic programs would agree that bioengineering absorbs using the principles of engineering to develop solutions for health related products with the objective of improve the quality of life. Bioengineering professionals also develop new medical techniques, medical devices, and instrumentation for industries. .

Civil Engineering: This is the most popular engineering major; professionals are in charge of design and supervise the construction and infrastructure of buildings, roads, airports, tunnels, bridges and other structures. They can be employed by government, architectural firms, builders, engineering firms and consulting companies.

Computer Engineering: This major has grown really fast in the past two decades, computer engineers design, build and test the computer systems, so it is not rare find engineers involved in everything from toasters to electronics. Other computer engineers are more focused on designing useful software applications that take benefit of many hardware tools.

Electrical Engineering: Electrical engineers work with all ways of electronic devices, so students have to learn through the combination of design and lab work training their solving problems skills. Electrical engineers often work in groups, so a great deal of teamwork is required from them.

Environmental Engineering: In this major is important to have knowledge of principles of chemistry and biology to solve and stop environmental problems. Some field works of environmental engineers are wastewater treatment, toxic materials control, and air quality control..

-  Systems Engineering: Systems engineers repair and improve upon existing systems as new technologies appear. The demand for systems engineers is increasing as systems become more and more difficult according to the new needs of companies. Systems engineers must also be thinking of ways to improve the system in the future with minimal time spent.
  Requirements for a successful Engineering Career

If you want to make a career in Engineering, is important:
-  Be good in math and sciences
-  Enjoy solving complex problems
-  Be creative
-  Have strong communication skills
-  Work productively as part of a team
-  Be practical, innovative and curious about how things work
-  Desire to help people and improve environment

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