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Nowadays is necessary to learn another language besides our mother tongue, and if you have a natural aptitude for languages there are many opportunities in international trade and politics.

  Career Outlook

With the globalization, the need for multilingual individuals is increasing year on year. The job outlook varies by specialty and language combination, most graduates are self-employed. Other language graduates work as interpreters, translators, travel journalists and teachers. Furthermore, many other important sectors like commerce and social services require people who are expert in different languages. Other employers include telephone companies, airlines, publishing companies, government areas, etc.

  Career specializations

A language graduate can specialize in one or more areas, some of the most common specializations are:
Conference Interpreters: This specialty includes international business and diplomacy, but graduates also may interpret for any company that works with foreign language speakers. One of the most popular places where high-level conference interpreters are required is the United Nations.

Guide or escort Interpreters: Their main function is to escort travellers to guarantee they are able to communicate during their stay in a foreign country. Escort interpreters have to interpret many subjects, including informal level.

Judiciary interpreters and translators: These professionals work for people appearing in court who are not able to communicate in English. It is necessary to have knowledge of the US judicial system as well as other countries’ legal systems.

Literary translators: Graduates with this specialty adapt written books into the target language but with the content and style of the original. Is common that literary translators work with authors in order to understand their intended meanings and literary characteristics.

Localization translators: This is a recently specialty with a quick growth that involves the complete adaptation of product for use in a different culture and language. It is necessary to have technical concepts, vocabulary and general knowledge about the intended target audience or users.

Medical interpreters and translators: In this specialty, graduates help patients communicate with medical staff like doctors and nurses. Medical interpreters are required to have a strong knowledge about medical and colloquial terminology in both languages.
  Certifications for Language graduates

There is no universal form of certification required for interpreters and translators, but there are many exams that graduates can take to demonstrate their proficiency.

In US there are some associations that provides accreditations for its members like the American Translators Association and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators.

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