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Sociology is a popular degree that permits students learn about the interaction between different large and small groups of people. This is an exciting time to be a sociologist; there are so many new technologies, cultural issues and exploding population which that are pushing human beings in different directions.

  Career Outlook

Sociologists might find jobs with governmental human and population departments related to census as well as corrections, criminal justice and mental health fields. Other graduates with advances degrees generally work in education, research institutions, business and government industries. Other popular careers for sociologists are social work, journalism and marketing.

  Coursework in Sociology

Some classes sociology majors might be expected to take include:
-  Data Analysis
-  Demography
-  Global populations
-  Introduction to sociological theory
-  Military sociology
-  Political economies
-  Research and statistics
-  Sociology health and illness
-  Social psychology
  Career specializations

There are many career options for those with sociology degrees, some of the most common are:
Administration: A graduate in sociology is well prepared for administrative positions, especially in public and government agencies that manage human services. Their main task is define polices for groups of people in need of public assistance, they can also leading teams of researchers and sociologists with the objective of reshape their communities.

Business: In this specialty, sociologists research consumer tendencies and work with marketing companies to discover new opportunities to meet the publicís needs. Other sociologists are hired to analyze the social impact of big projects such as plant relocations or store openings.

Corrections: In US the prison population continues to expand, so many governments hire sociologists to understand the impact of tougher laws on localities. Graduates also determine the effects of regulations and new programs on the prison population.

Counseling: This specialty is taken by counselors and therapists in order to understand some trends they see with patients. Counselors use many concepts of sociology to analyze critical needs in communities.

Journalism: Newspapers and other media employ sociologists to understand the kinds of stories that connect readers, listeners and viewers in a location. They work with editors and market researches.

Politics: Sociologists play important roles in the political field. Campaign managers work with sociologists in order to identify zones that can break an election. Other graduates with this specialty analyze patterns that have a direct impact in the political and economic balance of the country.

Public relations: Many sociologists have interest in journalism then decide for this specialty. Graduates are prepared to anticipate challenges when rolling out new products, because they understand the motivations of customers and can resolve problems in the media by responding to the publicís worries with cautiously solutions.
  Requirements for a successful Sociology Career

In order to be successful with sociology majors is necessary:
-  Have the ability to create brief reports an essays
-  Have strong critical thinking skills
-  Be comfortable at oral presentations
-  Have strong personal communication skills
-  Enjoy research
-  Have management skills
-  Have planning and organizational skills

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