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December 15

Adler Graduate School

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Adler Graduate School Adler Graduate School is here to create a learning community to develop professional practitioners with a strong foundation in Adlerian psychology and philosophy, who facilitate healthy lifestyles and community cohesiveness among individuals, families, schools and organizations.

How about the mission? Well; is to provide Adlerian and non-Adlerian instruction to train professional counselors and therapists to be practitioners focused on achieving a balance between self and social interest, and to facilitate healthier life styles among the people, organizations and communities they serve. Promoting social interest in others through cooperation and collaboration allows individuals to add value to their lives in work, community, relationships and individual health.


* Promoting creative thinking and advancing knowledge of the profession by increasing competency, and promoting ethical practices through the application of Adlerian principles and philosophy.

* Embodying a culture of diversity, openness and collegiality among students and faculty by developing a continuous, dynamic, planning and implementation model to ensure adequate graduate educational programs.

* Supporting Master's and specialty programs utilizing an Adlerian focus.

* Supplying the School with the human, financial, and physical resources to ensure its future.


Psychology, Family Support Studies, Clinical Psychology, Organizational Leadership

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1550 East 78th Street
MN 55423 Hopkins
United States
Phone: 612-861-7554
Fax: 612-861-7559

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