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December 12

Alaska Pacific University

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Alaska Pacific University Welcome to Alaska Pacific University; the faculty really cares about students; the students care passionately about their education and about the world; the campus is utterly spectacular. Alaska Pacific is not a factory, churning out one student after another assembly-line fashion. It is more like an intensively cultivated garden, personalized to allow each student to reach his or her full potential.
Alaska Pacific offers a distinctive form of study, one that extends respect, freedom and responsibility to students. Our premise is that today's students need and deserve an active education to prepare them for a dynamic and rapidly changing world. A modern university, therefore, should teach students to think for themselves, to set their own goals and accomplish them, and to work creatively and effectively with others.


Administration, Art, Business, Business Administration, Education, Environmental Sciences, Health, Liberal Studies, Psychology, Science, Sciences

Campus type

Multiple Campuses


Master's Colleges and Universities I


4101 University Drive
AK 99508 Anchorage
United States
Phone: (907) 564-8248
Fax: (907) 564-8317

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United States

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