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February 20

Alliance Theological Seminary

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Alliance Theological Seminary The decision to change to a joint college and seminary ceremony as well as change both the venue and the traditional date of commencement is a big change for our institution. Nyack has decided to make the change at this point for a number of reasons.

The institution is now graduating over 500 students at its May services and this has taxed the resources of both the institution and the village of South Nyack to the point where security, parking and venue have become woefully inadequate. We now bring more people into the Village of South Nyack on commencement day than live in the village. There is not adequate room to park all the graduates and guests and we tax the resources of the Village Police to manage the traffic all day. In addition, we have relied on Godís good grace to give us good weather, knowing that we no longer have a facility in which to house the ceremonies should there be inclement weather. The institution could face major liabilities if it continued to hold commencement as it has in the past.


Art, Behavioral Sciences, Bible, Business, Christian Education, Communication, Computer Science, Education, Liberal Arts, Music, Science, Sciences

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350 North Highland Ave.
NY 10960 Nyack
New York
United States
Phone: (845) 353-2020
Fax: (845) 348-3912

 Admissions office:

Admissions office
350 North Highland Ave.
NY 10960Nyack
New York
United States
Phone: (800) 541-6891

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