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January 17

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Antonelli College Jackson Antonelli College, a well-known part of the visual arts community in Cincinnati, Ohio, since 1947, has held to the traditions of quality teaching in the fields of visual arts and business and presenting students with the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents into professional skills.
The primary goal of Antonelli College is to create an environment that prepares each graduate to become a qualified professional and a well-rounded individual. Antonelli College offers the quality training that is essential if students wish to acquire the skills necessary to gain a competitive edge in the business world today.


Accounting, Administration, Communication, Computer Networking, Dental, Graphic Design, Health, Human Services, Interior Design, Journalism, Management, Medical Assistant, Multimedia, Nursing, Paralegal Studies, Photography, Technology, Visual and Media Arts, Web Page Design

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1500 North 31st Avenue
MS39401 Jackson
United States
Phone: (601)583-4100

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