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December 16

Berne University

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Berne University BerneUniversity, located in the capital city of Switzerland, is committed to the preparation of adult learners to meet the challenges of the 21st Century's global environment.
Berne University serves a population of students who seek postgraduate education in a convenient, contemporary delivery system, and who represent an emerging trend of adult learners and mid-career professionals.


Administration, Business, Business Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Education, English as a Second Language, Government, Health Services, Leadership, Public Administration, Social Services, Social Work, Technology

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35 Center Street, Unit 18
NH 03896-1080 Wolfeboro Falls
New Hampshire
United States
Phone: (603) 569-8648
Fax: (603) 569-4052

 Admissions office:

35 Center Street, Unit 18
NH 03896-1080Wolfeboro Falls
New Hampshire
United States
Phone: (866) 755-5557

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