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December 16

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

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Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Bloomsburg University, as one of the 14 institutes in the State System of Higher Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, embraces the general mission of the system to assure excellence in higher education at an affordable cost. The campus is accessible and attractive, located in the Town of Bloomsburg near the Susquehanna River and Interstate 80.

Bloomsburg is a coeducation institution serving students of diverse backgrounds from Pennsylvania, its surrounding states, and foreign countries. To its community and region, the university is an artistic and educational resource that serves a broad range of community needs in education, health care, business-related services, library resources, and cultural activities. It offers undergraduate programs as well as graduate programs in select areas of strength. There is an emphasis on a strong liberal arts preparation. The university is committed to a program of affirmative action in order to provide equal educational opportunity to all persons.


Accounting, Anthropology, Art, Art History, Athletics, Business, Business Administration, Business Education, Business Information Systems, Chinese, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Finance, French, German, History, Latin American Studies, Legal Studies, Management, Marketing, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Theatre Arts

Campus type



Master's Colleges and Universities I


400 E. Second Street
PA 17815-1301 Bloomsburg
United States
Phone: (570) 389-4000

 Admissions office:

Office of Admissions
400 E. Second Street
PA 17815-1301Bloomsburg
United States
Phone: (570) 389-4316

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