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June 19

Free Gospel Bible Institute

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Free Gospel Bible Institute Free Gospel Bible Institute exists for the purpose of educating and preparing qualifying individuals who feel the call of God on their lives for the Pentecostal ministry throughout the world. That education shall be based upon the infallible truth of God's word and available regardless of a student's race, national origin or economic status.


Anthropology, Biblical Studies, Church History, Evangelism, Hebrew, Hebrew Studies, History, Human Development, Humanities, Pastoral Studies, Pedagogy, Public Speaking, Theology

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P. O. Box 477
15632 Export
United States
Phone: (724) 327-5454
Fax: (724) 327-3419

 Admissions office:

Admissions Office
P.O. Box 477
United States
Phone: (724) 327- 5454
Fax: (724) 327- 3419

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