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January 18

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Walla Walla University Walla Walla College is dedicated to the academic, spiritual, social and physical aspects of a total education. Believing that these dimensions are closely related, the College provides a broad range of activities and opportunities designed to add depth and maturity to a Christ-centered life.

College (WWC) is located in southeast Washington in the town of College Place, just a few miles from Walla Walla. It is one of 10 private colleges in the state of Washington, and one of 14 colleges and universities operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the United States. It is overseen by President John McVay. While Walla Walla College is outside of Walla Walla, it is often mistaken for Walla Walla Community College, and sometimes Whitman College which are actually in Walla Walla.


Art, Bioengineering, Biological Science, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communication, Computer Science, Counseling, Engineering, English, Environmental Sciences, Health, Health Education, History, Honors Program, Humanities, Language, Arts, Arts in Counseling, Arts in Teaching, Education, Math, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Music, Natural Resources, Nursing, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Pre-Professional, Psychology, Science, Sciences, Social Work, Sociology, Teaching, Technology, Theology

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Master's Colleges and Universities


204 S. College Ave.
WA 99324 College Place
United States
Phone: (509) 527-2615
Fax: (509) 527-2253

 Admissions office:

Walla Walla University The Office of Enrollment
103 SW 4th Street
WA 99324College Place
United States
Phone: (800) 541-8900
Fax: (509) 527-2397

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