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January 16

Deep Springs College

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Deep Springs College Deep Springs is an all-male liberal arts college located on a cattle-ranch and alfalfa farm in California’s High Desert. Electrical pioneer L.L. Nunn founded the school in 1917 on the three pillars of academics, labor, and self-governance in order to help young men prepare themselves for lives of service to humanity. The school's 26 students, along with its staff and faculty, form a close community engaged in this intense project. Deep Springs operates on the belief that manual labor and political deliberation are integral parts of a comprehensive liberal arts education.


Ecology, Humanities, Math, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Political Science, Science, Sciences, Social Sciences, Writing and Literature

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HC 72, Box 45001
NV 89010-9803 Dyer
United States
Phone: (760) 872-2000
Fax: (760) 872-4466

 Admissions office:

Admission Office
HC 72, Box 45001
NV 89010-9803Dyer
United States
Phone: (760) 872-2000 Ext. 62

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